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Toyota’s slogan: “We build people before we build cars“
Training with title „Toyota’s Production System / Lean and man“.
Our expert: more than 550 participants, 20 firms, coporate and open trainings, 20 years‘ experience in automotive industry and LEAN.
If you want to become familiar with and understand:

  • why Toyota has the best corporate culture in the world and why they are called the most people oriented enterprise,
  • at Toyota, their way of thinking is quite the opposite to that of „western” executives, and why they are still right and what can we learn from that.
  • the lecturer presents a lot of his own examples
  • what LEAN tools he has developed and applied with success
  • how these tools can be used efficiently by an executive and by a staff member
  • why an executive’s exemplary conduct and support is indispensible in propagating corporate LEAN

If you want to be given a comprehensive picture about LEAN, and your interest has been aroused by the contents above…:

day 1.

  • Meaning of business paradigm.
  • What does Toyota know which makes it different even from other Japanese firms? And the Chinese?
  • Western vs. TPS (Toyota Production System),
  • Do you control your work or does your work control you?
  • Jidoka: incorporated quality (autonomation)
  • Corporate culture: comparison of „Western” and Toyota ways of thinking.
  • Organisation turned upside down.
  • What should we focus on: processes or financial results?
  • What do we expect from executives, shift supervisors, team leaders?
  • Not like rabbit, more like tortoise…
  • If it has not gone wrong, still do it even better!
  • Toyota‘s problem solving way of thinking
  • Good at the first go!
  • 5S and visual management
  • Let’s create value (value vs. waste 7+1)
  • Pull production
  • Quality assurance

day 2.

  • Have encountered a problem? Very good! You have already done the first step to solve it. Problems should be solved at the level where they arise ; let’s look for their root.
  • Multifunctional colleagues
  • The highest integrity is when you admit your fault and can also offer solution how to prevent it from re-occurrence in the future.
  • Hiring and integrating: just like a good gardener does
  • Shift supervisors as small entrepreneurs?
  • Make decisions slowly, by consensus, after thorough consideration of all possibilities!
  • Why are we afraid of employee loyality?
  • JIT (Just in Time)
  • Kaizen (continuous improvement)
  • TPM (Total productive maintenance) rudiments
  • A3
  • Corporate quality = executives‘ quality?
  • Slow progress, conservativism and still extraordinary flexibility.
  • What has Toyota learned from the „West”, and how has integrated it in its way of thinking, and how has improved on those elements? Motivation and incentive theories a bit otherwise
  • People, managers, hiring, integration
  • Reversed T model, i.e. as you make your bed….
  • Production according to Takt Time
  • Education of managers from in-house resources.
  • „You may pay now or you may pay later, but you will pay some time!”
  • Now, let’s model it!

day 3.

  • VSM (Value Stream Mapping) rudiments.
  • Heijunka (leveled production).
  • Poka – Yoke (failure proof)
  • Cell system production.
  • Production in large lots vs. one-piece flow.
  • SMED (Product changeover within 10 minutes).
  • Standard obeying work.
  • Care about people, i.e. the best corporate culture in the world.

…then you are welcome at the training!

Participants have said:

My most important realizations and experiences during the training

  • „It is a sin not to learn this!“
  • „The best qualification for me is that I started to have ideas about my own job already during the training.“
  • „I have to rethink managerial behaviour and position.“
  • „I have to change and learn to produce an effect on people.“
  • „The introduction of Lean is possible / necessary outside production as well.“
  • „The topics and set-up of the training: practical drills.“
  • „The shortcomings of the firm managed by myself.“
  • Further participant feedback

What was most liked in the training:

  • ”The questions – answers style presentation promoted the arising of thoughts”
  • “We should not expect the development of the firm only of our managers, but we ourselves can do a lot. (an on-line operator)”
  • “I was given reply to each detail of my existing obscure LEAN knowledge”
  • “Good atmoshphere, illuminating games, expressive examples.”
  • “From the manner of the lecture it feels that the lecturer is not only speaking about it, but means it and integrates it in his everyday work.”
  • “What possibilities are hidden in working together! I will change my order of values in relation to my subordinates.”
  • “The best were the “games”, I was not given merely a dull material.”
  • Further participant feedback

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"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success."

– Ford Henry

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